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How Long Do Bamboo Toothbrushes Last?

By Rebecca Thomas


Whether you are a regular customer or taking the plunge into a plastic-free lifestyle, you might not know much about bamboo products. This confusion may lead you to avoid them, or not using them as frequently as you might use a plastic alternative. Well, we are here to shed a bit of light on the subject and answer a few questions you may have about our most popular product; our bamboo toothbrushes. We use toothbrushes every single day, so we need to know they are effective. Therefore, you might be a little concerned about how long our bamboo toothbrushes last in comparison to their plastic cousins. How long do they last? Are they effective? How are they recycled? Read on to get the answers to these frequently asked questions.

How Long do Bamboo Toothbrushes Last?

As long as you look after your new bamboo toothbrush properly, they can last just as long as any other plastic toothbrush you may have used in the past. Make sure to rinse it after every use and try and keep it as dry as possible. Along with this, you must make sure you try to replace your toothbrush every 2 to 3 months, to prevent the bristles from losing their effectiveness. You can buy a year’s supply of bamboo toothbrushes from us – to ensure you never run out!

Are they as Effective as Plastic Toothbrushes?

Just like plastic toothbrushes, bamboo toothbrushes are only as effective as the technique of the ‘brusher.’ So, if your brushing technique is good, then bamboo toothbrushes will be just as good as plastic. Make sure you are brushing correctly, no matter what type of toothbrush you are using. That being said, wouldn’t you prefer to be putting a natural, environmentally-friendly product in your mouth twice a day, rather than plastic?

How Are They Recycled?

Your new bamboo toothbrush is far better for the environment than the traditional plastic brush. However, how do we recycle them? Well, it is actually easier than you might originally think. All you have to do is remove the bristles and place them in your everyday plastic recycling. You are then left with the bamboo handle, which you can put on your compost heap or even bury it in your garden!

How long do Bamboo Toothbrushes take to Decompose?

Firstly, it is important to note how long it takes a plastic toothbrush to decompose. Well, the simple answer to this is that it doesn’t. Okay, this isn’t entirely true. It takes thousands of years for a single plastic toothbrush to decompose. So, that means your first ever toothbrush is probably still floating around somewhere… how awful is that? Fear not, however, it isn’t all doom and gloom. Our bamboo toothbrushes take substantially less time than that. In fact, they decompose in a matter of years if buried in your garden.

There you have it, a few of our frequently asked questions. If you are planning to step into a plastic-free life, that is brilliant! Replacing your toothbrush is the perfect way to kick-start this journey and ensure you don’t leave a lasting footprint on our beautiful planet.




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